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  • Find & measure all the conversations happening around your brand, business or products

    The easiest way to monitor your online performance

  • Here’s how you can grow your business while you understand your users

  • Real Facebook Monitoring

    Facebook is a game-changer for the advertising industry. The platform probably knows more about you than your best friend does, based on the billions of data points they capture from you on a daily basis. Today, people have all the power to say whatever they want about your brand, products or company on Facebook, and they don't stick only to links, text or images. They share their emotions, moods, and feelings associated with your brand.


    Oscilloskope reveals all these consumption patterns and people's reactions in real-time. Don't limit your brand performance only to your public page comments. Start monitoring today!

    Online Media Monitoring

    Knowing who your users and customers are is an essential part of your business. People are talking about you, your company, your brand or services because behind the laptops are real people with emotions, fears, and concerns.


    Find out why they are using your product or service and what emotions they associate with it. Start building a better relationship with your users and tailor the marketing communication to them.


    Social Media Listening & Research

    Billions of conversations happen daily on social media about your product or services. People post their feelings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or forums. Track and join those relevant conversations, help and send them your digital love.
    Oscilloskope helps you analyze consumer behavior at a micro level and to understand the way your users behave online. Understand their hidden desires, wants and create trust through conversations!

    Brand Tracking & Analysis

    How strong is your brand? Each brand faces different issues. Get real-time insights about the awareness, usage, sentiment, and perception of your brand.
    Times have changed. Today, social media is serious business– with it, you’ve got a golden opportunity to craft and communicate your branding online. Brand monitoring gives you useful data about your brand equity by tracking and analyzing the conversations around your name or company.

    Competitive Analysis

    Stay up to date with your competitors, compare and contrast strategies by using dedicated alerts. Watch their every marketing move with a competitor dashboard. Track their business model, marketing strategy, strengths, and weaknesses.
    Get valuable insights directly to your inbox every day. Don’t wait for the research team to come up with stats or data about the touch-points, find them directly in your inbox. Find out what people talk, think or see about your competitors.





    Influencers Management

    Find the right influencers that can impact your business and your users’ decisions. Nurture your own influencers network, interact with them, and develop impactful relationships with people who recommend your product, services or just share their experience.
    Use the metrics to prioritize outreach. Get the right influencers, do the monitoring, build a relationship, interact, and benefit from your efforts.

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