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10 Not-To-Be-Missed Marketing Blog Posts From 2015

2015 was a full year. On all fronts, we’ve had growth turmoil and passion which resulted in several leaps we made on different directions. You cannot have growth without understanding and you cannot understand unless you read.

What follows are some of the most influential marketing blog posts from 2015 that guided us to the light throughout the last year.

#1. Quality vs. Quantity: A 6-Month Analysis of the Age-Old Blogging Debate by Ginny Soskey for Hubspot

Have you ever wonder what’s the mindset paradigm behind the Hubspot's blog? Ginny Soskey wrote an amazing post in June about the endless debate between quality content vs. quantity content. Hubspot’s blog is an undefined platform with resources for marketers. Valuable insights about content strategy, what metrics you should follow, the type of post they publish, the methodology, the results and much more are included in this article.

In an ideal world, the answer would always be less content of a higher quality. You’d spend lots of time researching and writing every post, then when you published it, the whole internet would notice. Thanks to this unrivaled quality, every post would generate massive amounts of traffic and leads.
But that’s not how blogging works in real life. To grow a blog, you need to consistently publish content that your readers enjoy reading. Yet exactly how often to publish and what those posts should look like can vary tremendously by blog.

Why is a not-to-be-missed blog post from 2015?

Ginny taught us how to execute a data-driven content strategy and how to apply their tactics for our businesses.

#2. Are Podcasts the Next Big Thing for Sponsored Content? by Celine Roque for Contently

Could podcasts be the next big territory for sponsored content? This is the big question that Celine shared with us in her blog post. Podcasts gained popularity and has moved beyond the niche into an important medium for promoting the businesses. Plus, the studies showed that all the podcast listeners are more engaged with the brands and the community is evolving.


The Podcasting Space is Growing, Will Your Brand Grow With It?
If your brand has been ignoring the podcast industry because it seemed too niche, it might be time to reconsider—even if it’s just to explore the types of shows out there. You might not end up sponsoring your own rock song, but finding a good fit with the right podcast could be just what your brand needs to get the ear of your target customer.

Why is a not-to-be-missed blog post from 2015?

Definitely, podcasts are a new marketing channel that we should consider and experience in 2016.

#3. Growth is Not a Hack by Phin Barnes for First Round Capital

Growth hacking is a strategic mindset which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics for (new) attracting users. Phin described analytically on Medium his expertize and showed us what growth actually means for a company.

As you scale, you need to think about the quality of users, not just quantity. Critically, growth is not just about adding net new users, but about developing a deep understanding of how to make your business grow. To succeed, growth teams must identify undesirable user engagement states and deliver an experience to those users that move them into the desired state — making them higher quality users and growing their value to the business.

Why is a not-to-be-missed blog post from 2015?

Phil proposes us a new way of looking at growth hacking, and focus on this formula for defining the growth rate of our business:
Net Incremental User Growth = Signups — Churn + Resurrections — Deactivations

#4. Do You Have Social Media Influencer DNA? By Zoe Summer for Massplanner

If you blog then it’s a must to build your influence for yourself within your industry.
Zoe included in her post what are the top characteristics for a social media influencer and how to measure and improve your social media influence. It’s not easy to become a social media royalty, a lot of work and self-improvement are needed.

If you wish to become a social media influencer, adopt the traits of an influencer and do all you can to improve your online presence. Develop your skills and leverage social media and you’ll soon get to the top.

Why is a not-to-be-missed blog post from 2015?

Zoe wrote a complete guide in order to become a social media guru and how to influence your community. If social media plays an important role for your marketing strategy in 2016 follow Zoe’s rules and be the image for your brand, product or business.

#5. 7 Strategies to Make Your Lifecycle Emails Work Smarter For You by Janet Choi for

Janet developed the best tips and strategy for lifecycle emails that drive customer engagement and happiness. Plus, she described the tactics in a funny way and gave us helpful tips on customer retention, conversion, and engagement.

Stop hollering your message at whoever is out there — and communicate with specific people who are most ready to lend an ear (or eyes) with smarter segmentation. It’s the smarter way to email — cutting a shorter path to better engagement, deliverability, and revenue

Why is a not-to-be-missed blog post from 2015?

If you’re looking for a solution to improve your customer lifecycle emails, this post is a good lesson.

#6. The Superhuman Guide to Twitter Advanced Search: 23 Hidden Ways to Use Advanced Search for Marketing and Sales by Ash Read for Buffer

Ash wrote a complete guide for Twitter’s Advanced Search and with detailed step-by-step instructions that will show you technical know-how as well as how to leverage Advanced Search for marketing hacks and experiments.

Why is a not-to-be-missed blog post from 2015?

Take your social media skills to the next level and follow in-depth his instructions. You’ll come up with new sales leads and content ideas.

#7. 17 Killer Content Marketing Resources All Entrepreneurs Need by Sujan Patel for his blog

Content marketing was the keyword for 2015 and there are several article bookmarked as a “must read”. Sujan Patel wrote about them in this blog post and shared with us a complete list with 17 killer content marketing resources.

Content marketing is here to stay, so if you’re working on your 2015 game plan, make sure to include the following articles in your “must read” list. Whether you’re looking for ways to stretch a single blog post topic into a meaty five-piece series or you’re wondering when to publish your posts for maximum effect, you’ll find answers to these questions and more in these 17 killer content marketing resources.

Why is a not-to-be-missed blog post from 2015?

Learn how to build a strong audience for your business.

#8. Our 8 Biggest Conversion Optimization Wins of 2015 (So Far) by Alex Turnbull for Groove

Alex admitted that building a business is challenging and a lot of hard work and fun are needed. He shared with us their bigger wins of 2015 - 8 experiments transformed into a step-by-step guide for better conversation rates.


No matter how high your conversion rates are, or your customer base, or your revenue… there’s room to grow. And holding steady is not an option.

#9. Why an Instagram Tweak Spells the Beginning of a Multibillion-Dollar Industry by Ryan Holmes for Recode

Instagram is a fast growing and still emerging social scene. Having about 300M active users each month, it is the world’s gallery of more than 20 billion photo posts. Ryan explained in his post why Instagram is an opportunity for marketers and you should take into consideration for your 2016’s campaigns.

Thanks in part to the new API, Instagram’s current mobile ad revenue of $595 million a year is expected to rocket to $2.8 billion by 2017 — leaving even giants like Twitter and Google in the rearview mirror in the U.S. market.

Why is a not-to-be-missed blog post from 2015?

In 2016, Instagram will be one of the most influential platforms. Try this new segment for your business and share your results with us here in comments or on your blog.

#10. 12 Books That Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur by Danielle Reye for Oscilloskope

Having a dream and start building a business is the most fulfilling sentiment in the whole word. Books play an important role for personal and professional growth, and I wrote on this blog about 12 books that you should read as an entrepreneur.

What keep us moving? I’m a book person, I prefer spending my spare time reading. Today I want to share with you a complete collection of the 12 must-read books for your business strategy.

Wrapping up

Make a remarkable 2016 and start growing your business. Look at the trends, adapt them for your business, experiment, try and adjust. Build a strong audience and, increase awareness for your startup. 2016 is your year!

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