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15 Awesome SEO Tools For Spying On Competitors

Some people say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, but personally I prefer this version: “keep your friends close and your competition closer”. If you want to be a successful marketer you have to know who is your competition, what business model they have, what are their marketing strategy, their strengthens, their weaknesses. Watch their every marketing move with these awesome SEO tools for competitors analysis.

There are tons of digital tools for competitors’ analysis. Here are 15 awesome SEO tools to spy your competitors:

#1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is the most important tool for content marketing and SEO campaigns. It analyzes what content perform best for you or for your competitors, offers a much deeper understanding of the social footprint and helps develops smarter content strategies.

15 Awesome SEO Tools For Spying On Competitors

Pricing: starting from $99/month for a Pro subscription

#2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking allows tracking the daily changes in Google, Yahoo, Bing keywords ranking for your own website and the competitors’ websites. You can get detailed reports about traffic forecast, search visibility and average position in Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo or Bing. Move to the top of your competition with this amazing digital tool and maintain your position with constant monitoring.

Price: starting from $84/year for 5 websites and 5 Search Engines to Track

#3. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks offers valuable services for your business or startups. You can easily check your competitors’ SEO strategy, analyze their good or bad links, compare the results, and learn from their success or failure.

With Monitor Backlinks, you can monitor your competition, build quality links and find out who are the influencers and the ambassadors in your field.

Price: starting from $19/month for one domain and 2 competitors/domain

SpyFu offers valuable data about your competitors’ keywords in both organic search and Adwords. Once you complete all the info about your competition you’ll get a snapshot of their online marketing strategy. With SpyFu, you can increase your website traffic, track your keywords ranking and make better connections.

15 Awesome SEO Tools For Spying on Competitors

Pricing: starting from $49/month for a basic subscription

#5. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a Moz Pro spin-off which monitors backlinks and helps you improve your link building strategy. With this digital tool, you can check what links your competitors have, compare their link building strategy with your own digital strategy, see the domain authority, anchor text, linking domains and compare links up to 5 websites.

Price Moz Pro: starting from $99/month which includes 5 campaigns

#6. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a well-known and easy-to-use tool which tracks your competitors’ website traffic and offers relevant statistics about their global rank, traffic sources, referrals, organic search vs. paid search, and much more.

15 Awesome SEO Tools For Spying on Competitors

Price: starting from $199/month

#7. Alexa

Alexa is one of those must-have tools for SEO and competitors monitoring. If you want to transform data into valuable insights for your business, Alexa is an amazing tool. It allows tracking your own and competitors’ websites and shows you the overall picture for your niche.

15 Awesome SEO Tools For Spying on Competitors

Price: starting from$9.99/month for a basic subscription

#8. iSpionage

iSpionage is “easy-to-use and provides accurate, up-to-date competitive intelligence information and is a great way to size up competing websites and their online marketing efforts.” – says Larry Kim, the founder and the CTO of Wordstream and I totally agree. It’s a perfect tool to monitor your competitors’ SEO strategy and what keywords they use.

15 Awesome SEO Tools For Spying on Competitors

Price: starting from $39/month for small business owners

#9. Followerwonk

Followerwonk freely analyzes your Twitter profile in order to boost your social media strategy. Followerwonk is Moz app which offers valuable data about the authority of your followers, locations, bios, recent tweets. Plus, you can optimize your Twitter strategy through the analysis of your competitors’ followers, location, tweets, and content.

#10. SpyOnWeb

SpyOnWeb is a web crawler which brings together all the public data about your competitor: IP address, google adsense id, google analytics id.

15 Awesome SEO Tools For Spying on Competitors

Price: it’s a free research tool

#11. SEOmonitor

SEOmonitor daily monitors your competitors, offers insights about your competition and gives you automatic suggestions on the top competitors for your keyword list. Track rankings, visibility score, and traffic from your competition with the Competition Insights module. Plus, it’s very useful for discovering keywords that convert well for you.

Price: starting from $24/month for startups

#12. Majestic

Majestic explores in details your competitors’ website. It shows the Referring Domains, External Backlinks, Indexed URLs, Class C subnets, Referring IP Addresses, Educational Referring Domains, Educational External Backlinks, Governmental Referring Domains and Governmental External Backlinks for the competitors which you enter.

Pricing: starting from $39.99 for a 3-month subscription

#13. Oscilloskope

Oscilloskope is a new player on the market which monitors your competitors across the web’s universe. Oscilloskope is the ultimate online media monitoring app which tracks multiple platforms, including social media, forums, websites, news, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Knowing what competition are doing online can help you craft your content strategy. Find their backlinks and SEO strategy with Oscilloskope.

Price: starting from $29/month for 3 alerts and 3000 signals/alert.

#14. Open SEO Stats

If you eat SEO, dream SEO, sleep, repeat, Open SEO Stats is the perfect tool for you. It’s a Chrome extension which gives you helpful info with the push of a button. You can see a site’s Alexa ranking, indexed pages, page speed, whois, on page SEO…the list goes on and on.

Price: it’s free

#15. SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank)

It’s my favorite one because this is a free Chrome extension which gives you important SEO info about your competitors within your browser. If you’re looking for a free tool which shows you relevant info about the traffic rank, locations, social media listening, social impact, SEO basics: description, headings, inside page analytics, add to your browser this tool.

Price: it’s a free and easy-to-use tool

Wrapping up

SEO tools aren't just good for getting info on your own rankings. Audit your competitors with these 15 SEO tools for competitive analysis, get an overall SEO snapshot and analyze the good, the bad or the ugly.

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