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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Online Media Monitoring Tools

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”
John Wanamaker

We all know that we need to use the Internet to engage with our customers. And practically every company or brand invests in a great website, social media campaigns, emails… you name it. After all, that’s what everyone else is doing, and it seems to be the right thing to do. Unfortunately, few of us know whether our Internet marketing spends are bearing any fruit. And if it is, which part of our expenditure is really working? Is it the social media campaign that you recently splurged in, or is it your brand new website? With online media monitoring tools, now you know.

What are online media monitoring tools?

Online media monitoring tools are software and other solutions that help you know how your brand is performing online, what people are talking about it in the social media, how it is impacting Internet traffic and what people really discuss in reviews and forums. They, thus, become an important asset to a brand which wants to assess its online presence.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to use online media monitoring tools:

#1.They help assess negative feedback

What are people saying online about your brand? Is social media rife with posts and comments which portray your product or company in a bad light? What are your consumers saying about you when they are speaking to other potential consumers?

The thing is, if there is negative feedback about your product or service out there, you need to act now. Because unless you take immediate steps to address the issues, it could lead to a big crisis for the brand soon enough. Many of huge companies or brands have come to nothing because they ignored negative reactions from their customers. But the question is – how would you know? With social media monitoring tools. Only they will be able to alert you to a crisis before it happens.

#2. They get you relevant consumer insights

Marketing is easy. As long as you have relevant insights into your consumer’s mind. If you know what is inside the consumer’s mind – How it works? What she is thinking of? What makes her tick? – half your job is done. Then, it’s ridiculously easy to communicate with your target. And to make them buy into what your brand or company is selling.

Social media listening and analytics tools can help you get those crucial consumer insights. They can analyze consumer behavior at a macro and micro level, to understand the way your consumers behave online. This way you can understand their hidden desires and wants. Simple.

#3. They help in evaluating your marketing spend

So you have decided to spend a significant amount of your budget in a social media campaign. Is the campaign working? Or is it being ignored by your consumer?

In situations like these, you cannot really afford to take chances. After all, not only does it involve a lot of money (sometimes your whole marketing budget), the success of your brand depends on it. In cases like these, social media monitoring tools can be extremely useful. They can tell you on a day to day basis whether your campaign is really working. Which parts of it are your consumers reacting to, and which parts are they ignoring.

Sometimes, the feedback you receive from these tools can help you tweak your communication in such a way that it becomes far more effective. Sometimes you may even need to stop midway, before it is too late, and try something else entirely. In short these media tools can help you stop from committing resources to something that provides you no returns.

#4. They keep a watch on the competition

What is your competitor doing? This is one of the most crucial questions that every marketer needs to ask. What is their social media strategy? What do the customers think about them? Do they like the competition brand better than yours? If so, why? As we all know, we are functioning in an extremely competitive environment. There is very little difference between one product and another, between one service and another. In a situation like this, what matters is perception. It is the only differentiator between one brand and another.

Online media monitoring apps can tell you everything about your competitor’s online presence, about how people are reacting to their campaigns or website or what they talk about your competitors in social media. You’ll have access to reviews and feedbacks that your competitors get on their products or services.
In short, everything about your competitor’s brand.

This can play a crucial role in determining your future course of action. By understanding the strength and weaknesses of your competitor’s brand, you can create a more effective marketing strategy. You can choose to play against his weaknesses or challenge his strengths. And most importantly you can keep a step ahead of him in the game of attracting and keeping your customer’s loyalty.

#5. They help you create meaningful engagements

Did someone just praise your brand? Thank them. Does someone have a genuine complaint? Redress it.
As we have already seen, the online media monitoring tools can help you know and understand what your customer is saying about you. Therefore, they give you a great opportunity to engage with them, in every way possible.

Once you talk directly to your customer and have them talk back to you, you have started a process that can eventually lead to lifelong brand loyalty. As you already know, engaging the customer is the first step in converting her.

What’s more, the consumer insights that you have gleaned using these monitoring tools can also ensure that your engagement is meaningful and relevant. That it does not seem like corporate speak. Once the customer starts reacting to your brand as she would to a person, you have won!

Wrapping up

The Internet has changed the way people interact with your brand. Today, people choose to share on Facebook their experiences, post on Instagram their feedback or comment directly to Amazon or BestBuy about your products or services. Start monitoring today your brand’s performance into web’s universe, measure and adapt your communication. Choose the best monitoring tools that suit your needs depending on your specific needs and budgets. For the best results use a judicious mix of two or three tools.

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