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Everything you need to know when attending a conference with your startup

Webit Festival Europe follow-up

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Meetings, talks, product demos, coffee, repeat - your schedule for the conference.

Meet your product audience, talk to the journalists and publishers, visit your competition (if it’s there), pitch to investors if it's your goal.

1. Establish your goals

First thing first, before you fill out the conference form and buy the ticket decide why are you going. What’s your objective? Write down just one main goal, select between:

  • awareness
  • getting funds
  • new customers
  • product feedback

2. Things to do before the conference

Plan your agenda and set up the meetings

If you want awareness around your startup, then the journalists and publishers are the right persons for you. Reach out to them before the conference and pitch your product, try to find out their questions.

If you need funds, then try to pitch your product to the investors.

If you are looking for new customers, set up meetings before the conference days. During the conference remind them about the meeting. If it’s necessary, book some meeting rooms.

If you are looking for product feedback, talk with your potential customers. Ask them about their needs, why they are using similar products, and don't concentrate only to your product functionalities.

Replace your Facebook app with the conference app

Match with new people, connect with them on Twitter or on LinkedIn, send them messages, ask for help or guidance, not just selling your product.

Prepare a pitch presentation

How do you make a pitch presentation? Follow these 10 guidelines wrote by Guy Kawasaki on his blog:

  1. Title
  2. Describe the problem/opportunity
  3. Value proposition
  4. Describe the magic your product, technology does
  5. Explain your business model
  6. Have a go-to-market plan
  7. Who are your competitors
  8. The team
  9. Financial projections and the key metrics
  10. Current status, milestones and how to plan to use the money

Prepare a product demo.

For the Webit conference, we started monitoring what people are saying about Webit across the Internet and some tech influencers from the local market. We monitored: Webit, #webit, Webit Congress, Webit festival, #webit2017. During the demos, we presented the results for the last 7 days.

4 mandatory steps to do when attending a conference with your startup

Create some marketing materials

If you have a spot, create some marketing materials: flyers, posters, catchy business card. Add to your business card a discount or an eye-catching question. Create a video presentation. In online, GIFs & videos have the biggest ROI, it happens the same thing at the conference. Use a video to capture the audience attention and invite them to discuss with you.

Create some social media messages

Engage with your startup communities, invite them to join the conference if they're attending. Oscilloskope was one of the Webit 100 top selected startups. We created some artworks for the Facebook page using the power of Canva and some tweets for our Twitter community. During the conference, we announced where our spot was and how people can find us.

3. The conference day

Your conference schedule: Meetings, talks, product demo, coffee, repeat.
Discuss with the other co-founders about their struggles, future plans, why they started a startup. Learn from their experiences and map them to your journey.

4. Conference follow-up

Use a proper sales app for the follow-up and send emails to all the people you've discussed. Focus on asking guidance or help, not on selling your product. In a community, people love to offer their help, it's an empowering feeling for them.

Webit Festival Europe Follow up

In terms of online performance between April 19th and May 3rd, Webit has:

  • 187 mentions on Facebook
  • 119 mentions on Twitter
  • 52 mentions on general webpages
  • 2 videos
  • 1 blog post
Facebook was the most active channel for discussions:
4 mandatory steps to do when attending a conference with your startup

Sentiment over time was positive:

4 mandatory steps to do when attending a conference with your startup

Little interest on forums or Reddit about Webit Festival:

4 mandatory steps to do when attending a conference with your startup

Top 10 Twitter Influencers who posted about Webit Festival:

4 mandatory steps to do when attending a conference with your startup

Wrapping up

Webit was a great event for Oscilloskope. We didn’t set up a goal, we skipped the first step. But steps 2-4 were mandatory,so we decided during the conference what goal should we have. We collected a lot of product feedback and business insights. Definitely, we'll repeat the experience :)

Don't forget to make some new friends! Good luck, Aydrate and Altair Fulldome Cinema VR with your startup! See you soon!

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