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How to Find Your First Clients Using Social Media

Social media has become a vital business tool for business people to advertise their products and increase their sales. The more present a business is on social media, the more familiar it becomes among customers. This in a big way influences the sales it makes. One needs to know how to find relevant leads using social media if he is going to grow a significant customer base. This required a lot of calculation and patience.

How to Find Your First Clients Using Social Media

There are many strategies one can employ to win the trust of his first customers on social media. These strategies work differently depending on the type of business in question. Choosing to use them will, however, yield good results and your business will make a very good kick off.

#1. Monitor your product or brand

Monitoring one's brand is very important. What people say about your products or company online is very important and should be monitored. You need to know whether your company is attracting positive or negative publicity. You need to know what customers are saying to their friends about your company or your products. Failing to monitor signals of your brand name on social media is a missing out on a very valuable strategy for getting valuable feedback and opportunities. If the social media is praising your product, then you are smiling at opportunities, guest blogs, testimonials, networks among others. If they are criticizing you, you have an opportunity to access if the criticism is warranted and take necessary intervention measures.

#2. Find your competitors' unhappy customers

Companies go an extra mile to identify customers that are dissatisfied with them on social media. These customers may be commenting directly on the company’s website or on other websites. They use this information to tailor their products in a better way. This strategy has, however, been used to woo the dissatisfied clients of a competitor. The approach can be used to identify competitors’ “pain points”. You need to determine what customers are complaining about in reference to your competitors.

Spending time on your competitors’ social sites will help you evaluate the conversations taking place there to identify their areas of weakness. You have to come up a way of communicating the fact that you have the ability to solve their problems. One can also reach out to these dissatisfied customers. This can be done once you identify their frustrations. You can easily do this by using frustrations as your keyword when searching social platforms. Once you know who these potential customers who have been frustrated by your competitors are, connect with them showing them that you have the ability to help them. After establishing some communication, you can encourage them to consider your products by giving them a direct sales approach.

#3. Be present in forums

This is another way in which you can build relationships and advocates that can get you come customers. Here you will need to participate in industry and niche forums by going through conversations that are being held and getting away of contributing by answering questions asked by customers and showing your ability to help people out. This will also help one to identify the websites that are discussing issues relating to his type of business and regularly check them out. One should be on the look out for discussions where he can chime and build professional relationships through. Here you need to be very witty as you will regularly find people asking for company recommendation. It will not be wise to promote your own company, meaning that you should only aim at getting helpful information not selling.

#4. Join social communities (Quora or Reddit)

The easiest way to work with these sites is to focus on getting leverage from them by being active and taking part in conversations in a friendly and helpful way. This way, you will get other members into your brand community. These people will eventually become your great customers and through them, you can get more and more customers. Make sure that you create a self-expression tool that will be very easy to use and target a micro-universe. If there is no activity on your products, you must create it. You will be using the” fake it till you make it policy”. No people will come to your platform if there is nothing there. This means that you should plan your time well so that you have some minutes to focus on this from time to time.

#5. Participate in online events

These events are very useful in creating a close relationship with your community. Many such events are organized at very regular intervals so it will not be difficult to find one that is suitable and convenient for you to participate in. Getting an opportunity to pitch yourself as a guest will be very important. You will get a very valuable opportunity of showcasing your business and woo customers to your products. Every time you participate in these forums provides a link to your page. This will make it easy for your potential customers to reach out to you and get more details on your products.

Wrapping up

Social media is a very powerful marketing for businesses currently. In the past few years, companies have been increasing their social media presence to woo customers. Finding your first clients on social media is crucial because they determine how fast your business grows. Every entrepreneur should spend the time to evaluate his online presence to see where improvements need to be made. You also need to get ways of monitoring your competition so that you stay ahead of the game.

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