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Say “Hello” To Oscilloskope – The Ultimate Online Media Monitoring App

Today, we’re really excited to roll out the newest version of Oscilloskope, the ultimate app for the online media monitoring.

For the last 12 months, we’d been working to develop the most powerful news and social media monitoring tool, and thanks to our beta testers, today we have a new and improved dashboard, statistics and data export, data filtering and sentiment analysis, plus many other new features.

What's new?

With a beautiful interface, Oscilloskope is amazingly easy to use, intuitive and helps you discover your web influence. It offers real-time monitoring throughout social networks, news sites, forums, blogs, Youtube or any web page.

This new online media monitoring app scans through billions of conversations, analyzes data and provides you reports, so you can easily see the impact of your online performance.

Oscilloskope offers real-time monitoring and notifications directly into your inbox. Using top-notch technology, Oscilloskope gives you what’s significant for your product, brand, company or business. Listen and understand your audience with our sentiment analysis, and choose how to react.

Why a new app for online media monitoring?

There're a lot of tools for online media monitoring and, before choosing which one best suits your needs, you have to ask yourself:

  • Are you a big company with a lot of resources?
  • Do you get a lot of exposures?
  • Do you have a PR team or a social media manager?
  • Why do you use online media monitoring? Is it for sale purposes, communication, leads generation or competitors’ analysis?

Of course, the less you'll need and the smaller you are, the simpler the tool will be.

At Oscilloskope, we think there are 2 big families among the online media monitoring tools: The Generalists and The Experts. Usually The Generalists are best suited for professional purposes and, therefore, are paid, and the The Experts are free.

Here are some examples for The Generalists:

  • Oscilloskope -  It's a generalist app. Oscilloskope monitors in real-time Twitter, Facebook, G+, blogs, forums, videos, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Yelp and gives you relevant signals about your business, name or product.
  • Sprout social - It's a tool specialized in social media. Sprout Social tracks in real-time Facebook, Twitter, G+ and offers team collaboration.
  • Talkwalker - It allows you to watch your brand on social media. They have an advanced alert creation system, tracking analysis, reports, and mail notifications.

And The Experts title goes to:

  • Tweetdeck – A free tool for watching what’s going on on Twitter.
  • Picdeck - It has the same functionalities as Tweetdeck, but for Instagram.
  • Hootsuite - It a great tool for Twitter monitoring.

Oscilloskope is designed for all the marketers, PR people or social media managers out there. It identifies the influencers for your business, tracks campaigns, competitors and trends and generate reports on your brand's online performance.

When it comes to web’s universe, people have all the power to say whatever they want about your company or brand. What they are saying can be positive or negative. Regardless of how or why they give you feedback, not monitoring your online audience is a missing opportunity. Start being active on web’s universe with a 7-day FREE trial.

And, thank you all our beta testers. This is the newest version of Oscilloskope and it’s only the beginning. Soon we’ll implement tons of ideas, improvements and new features.

Happy monitoring,

the Oscilloskope team

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