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The Power Of Social Media Influencers

Whether you are launching or you have been in business for a while, identifying social media influencers who can benefit your brand is critical to your success. Influencers are the right people who can lead you in creating visibility for services and products.

The social economy is driven by its own markers of social currency, like recognition, status and attention from others, but its main commodity is content.

How a Social Media Influencer could help you grow your business

In today’s world, the social web has become a great platform where influencers can have a big impact on your business. You need social media influencers in your business because they have a larger audience than yours, or at least a different audience. For instance, you have 1000 followers on a Twitter account that successfully shared a piece of content and led to 50,000 people seeing your content. This may yield 20 more shares and links which are considered a business advancement.

Now when you bring an influencer to the same equation, the 50,000 connections will be more responsive to the shared content due to the trust they have built on the influencer. This will also result in more shares and links thanks to the influencers trust factor.

Choosing the right influencer for your business is also important. Although you might get some added brand awareness, is the target audience buying or using the service? What is the impact to the business?
If the influencer you choose doesn’t have any expertise and credibility that relate to your target audience, they are not the right people for your business. It’s not just about approaching the most famous person. It’s all about finding that person with the ability to make your specific target audience to take action and use your services or buy your products.

How to monitor the social media influencers for your business

Monitoring your social media influencer means following their routine and daily activities. Always watch out for the type of materials they like posting, their likes and what their audience love to hear.
Most businesses avoid the monitoring part and jump right to reaching knowing influencers which lower their chances of success in business. One advantage of the monitoring stage is that you get to know what your influencers like and dislike and perhaps build a lasting relationship in a much easier way.

How do you find influencers for your business

#1. Social Media

Brand advocates are usually the loudest and most effective influencers your brand will have. The influencers will write and talk actively about how they love your company and products. Getting to social media and writing about your brand can help you get influencers within a very short time.
Social media monitoring helps you get the right influencers who advocate for the niche or genre you have outlined. For instance, an influencer may post or tweet about how he loves natural hair but not mention that your website sells natural hair products.

#2. Your blog audience

A single positive comment by an influencer on your blog post can lead to thousands of potential buyers on your website. They have what it takes, to take you to the apex. All you need to do is fish them by writing and posting great content that is relevant and reasonable to them.

#3. Your buyer persona

Have a clear understanding of who you need and who to attract to your website and what you want them to do for you. If you happen to find that an influencer loves your product or services, make him or her more interested and helpful to your business as well.

#4. Your competitor’s audience

When you are unique and have great quality, you will always get the competitors audience through your influencer. If the competitor’s influencer shifts to you, expect the audience to shift too.

How to interact with influencers

It’s very easy to interact with influencers. At this point, I am assuming that as a business person, you have a blog and social accounts. Sharing your new blog post on social media should not be a strange thing to you. When you do this effectively, you can grow your audience over time with people who you share your content with. However, this can be faster and effective if you can learn to interact with influencers.

You can start developing relationships with major influencers so that they can subscribe to your blog, comment, follow or circle you in social media accounts. You can get their attention if you learn to create content of interest to them. You will start seeing the fruits when they will decide to choose to link your content or share.

Another technique of getting their attention is by reaching out to them and get your content published in front of their audiences. For instance, you can use guest posts for them and get the posts published on their blog. The following are some of the elements that will help you get influencers to share and even help your business grow. Read On!

  • Make your content relevant to them- if it not relevant, it is not valuable to them. Hence, they aren’t going to share. Even if the content is great, it still doesn’t interest them. Finding the right content is the right way to interact and attract attention.
  • Be unique - it’s one thing to be good but it’s to be smart. Always be remarkable. People care and get concerned when they see unique things. Hence, they will share to get associated with the good.
  • Quality content - Crap content will always bring crap results. It’s that simple.
  • Let them build trust in you. As the author, influencers need to trust you even if you have great content, some might just not share.
  • Visibility is the key - most people can’t share what they can’t see. For instance, if you have a nice blog post but has just been posted once, very few people will see. Make several effective tweets and you will get the influencers attention.
  • Resonance - is your service or product of any value or interest to them and the audience? Resonance and Relevance work together.

Wrapping up

Influencers have created a great impact in most businesses today. In fact, 75% of the marketers are reporting that they are benefiting from influencers. As this trend continues to grow and businesses shifting to influencers, it is prudent to understand the basic of the influencers before investing resources and time on them. Get the right influencer, do the monitoring, build a relationship, interact and benefit from your efforts.

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